Interesting stuff here. Muggs is scoring movies and Jacken is releasing a Spanish album. If the tracks Ciclon and El Barrio off the new album are any indication, it should be dope! Link

Tell us about a typical recording session for you guys in the studio…
DJ Muggs: I’m not a beatmaker. I don’t make beats and try to sell them – I collaborate. I have artists come in, play them an idea, and if they like the idea, then I finish it. I take it to where it needs to go, I’ll get it to about a half-way point, and then he’ll rhyme on it, and then I’ll finish the beat. I’m a collaborator – I make albums. I come from a time where all the best groups were self-contained. Public Enemy made their own music, EPMD did their own shit, Gangstarr did their own shit, Dre did his own shit. So, I’ll sit down with Jacken, I’ll play him an idea, and he’ll go “I like that!.” So then he’ll start writing to the idea, and I’ll finish it up a little bit, get it about halfway done. Then he’ll rhyme on it, and he’ll leave and I’ll finish the beat up after I tailor made the beat to what he wrote. So we’re not just throwing a beat together, we’re vibing. Everything flowed really fucking good man.

What are you working on after this project?
Sick Jacken: I’ve got to do a Spanish record after this. I’m doing a 100 percent Spanish album. I’ve got two Spanish cuts on this record just to kind of set up my Spanish album. But I’ve got a full Spanish album coming. The fans have been asking for it. Both of these albums are coming out through my label. I’ve got a label through Universal called RMG, Rebel Music Group.

What’s going on with Angeles Records?
DJ Muggs: I don’t know what I’m doing with that at this point. I put that on pause for right now. It’s too much work for me to market, promote, direct and do all that shit. I’m doing an album with Planet Asia right now. Me and Planet Asia got about 8 or 9 songs done. “DJ Muggs vs. King Medallions.” So I might put that on Angeles, [or] I might find another home for it. Right now I’m scoring this new movie, this movie called “Nightwatchmen.” It stars Keanu Reeves and Forrest Whitaker and it’s from the creators of “Training Day.” That should be out in February. David Ayer wrote and directed “Harsh Times.” I did about five or six scenes for that. He liked the way it went, so he called me up to do this with an actual composer to work together in the same room. Dave’s cool, he just says “Go ahead, do what you want.” There’s a lot of tempo changes. If there’s a scene happening, and the car speeds up and shit happens, you don’t realize the tempos will change 20 times in 35 seconds. I’m humbling myself – I’m coming into the game brand new. I’m just keeping my ears open and my mouth shut. I just absorb it and it’s fun to me.

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