New music video from NYOIL for his track, Unreal, from the Hood Treason album. Read the description from the man himself. I always had a hard time understanding how people could ask for money to do interviews and articles. That’s some bullsh*t. Reminds of that post I came across selling an appearance by the CEO of the Source magazine (still unsubstantiated). Link (good lookin’ NYOIL!)

I just recently shot a video for a song on the “HoodTREASON warm up album” titled UNREAL. I chose this song because someone offered to do the video for free and I wasn’t sure how well it would turn out. I was pleasantly surprised. (thanks Ehab / Nasjota records)

The video starts with me getting a phone call from some “industry” person who tells me he’s got the keys to my future. That if I want to make it in this industry I need to see him I need to jump when he says jump. He even barks on me and I’m standing for this cause I want this opportunity. As I attempt to get to his office to see what he needs my car is out of gas and I am forced to try to push the car. When the camera pulls out you realize that I am trying to push a 2 ton car up a STEEP hill.

As the video progresses people come along to help. The first is a truly close friend of mine that has ALWAYS helped me push in whatever I have done no matter how hair-brained the scheme was, this brother always rocks with me with no question. Then came the sister in the suit. That’s my lawyer. We grew up together and now she is my lawyer. In real life she stopped what she was doing to support NYOIL because she believes in the project. So on it goes that everyone in the video is someone that is actually in my life that came along to help. Some walk past and don’t help at all.

When we finally get to the top of the hill I get a call from the same cat and he’s screaming on me. I tell him I don’t need him and move on. (FYI the guy calling is my business manager and one of my best friends in life since like 4 years old)

You know, I don’t care what you are doing in life.. there are times when you run out of gas or just break down completely and you need help pushing the car. You need help moving your life vehicle up a large hill. How many times have you found yourself in position to take advantage of an opportunity but couldn’t get help pushing that car? I can tell you hundreds of instances where that happened in my life and I have learned a few things from those situations.

In the music industry in particular there are a lot of bottom feeding elements that tell you they are the KEY to your success or that they are the only way for you to become successful. So you buy into this and chase after the dream that these types of people sell you. They associate themselves to other peoples success and give off the impression that you too could be as successful if you go through them to achieve it. So you do whatever they say and pay whatever price they charge and in the end the only ones that get anything is them. You jump through a million hoops and rings of fire and the only one that stands to gain is them.

And then some of you give up. Some of you give up because you can’t even get the car started so you just throw your hands up and walk away from your dreams. Some of you get out to push and find that you don’t have the strength to move the car by yourself and you give up. Some even get help pushing the car but it aint enough or it aint consistent so you can’t make any real progress and you eventually fail.

The thing is you have to keep pushing without the hopes for help. You push and you keep pushing till the strength in your arms and legs build up. You keep pushing till you come up with another way to move this car. You keep pushing until people that are really behind you really in your corner and really love you come along to help you push. And even then you don’t stop pushing, in fact you push harder so that you can inspire and motivate them to push on.

Yes some people will walk past you and see you pushing and laugh or just wave you off and say “look at these fools tryna do this or that.. ” Never mind them. In the literal sense. NEVER MIND THEM.. never give them time in your mind just continue to push. You have to remember that this life is about Goals that are blocked and barricaded against us reaching them. But I tell you that the BEACH was once a bunch of rocks that were beaten by the waves over time until they turned to sand. Because the sea keeps pushing, in low tide and high tide it keeps pushing.

Sometime you won’t even move forward, sometimes it is just about pushing enough to maintain position and gathering enough energy to push again.

I’m telling you that if you keep pushing eventually you will make it to the next plateau where there will be new challenges new obstacles to breach and new barriers to push but dammit you won’t be at the bottom of the hill any more. And I promise you that when you reach that plateau you will realize that you never needed these bottom feeders that tried to prey on you before because you will realize what you really need. You’ll realize WHO you really need.

You see I don’t fuck with bottom feeders. They like to call me up and tell me things like “If you pay $200 we’ll let you come interview on our radio station..” or “If you take an advertisement out in our magazine we’ll do a feature article on you” … “Pay use $250 to be in this showcase and we’ll let you do 2 songs” .. “hey you’re nominated for this award but you have to sell 10 tickets to come ”

Man FUCK your awards and your bullshit radio stations and you weak ass magazines and your fake ass shows. We don’t NEED you!! You see I have the people behind me cause I kept on pushing and I’m gonna keep on pushing because I’m built like that.

Keep pushing yall.. keep on pushing!

My name is NYOIL and I approve this message!