Sole loves gangsta rap and hated running Anticon. And no one can deny that he’s on point about LA being the best place to showcase innovative music. Link (via)

Who are the worst “commercial rappers” that are popular right now?

hmm. i love so called gangsta rap; tech 9ine, lil wayne, young jeezy, that stuff is exciting and original to me. the stuff i cant stand is the formulaic and boring. i go out of my way to seek gangsta rap and because i dont listen to the radio. they say when you have a sensitive mind to only ingest “healthy” things, so in that sense, i close my ears to that which disagrees with me. yes, songs about people cooking crack in the kitchen is “healthy” to me.

What role did you have in the creation of Anticon? is it true that you are the GZA of anticon?

yeah, anticon. i came up with the name and anticon was my beast of burden for the first 3-4 years. i negotiated contracts, handled distribution, pretty much everything i could handle. but i really didnt enjoy it very much, it was a lot of work and i had a hard time getting a long with my friends during that time period, and it was incredibley hard to get music done cuz i was just pissed off all the time, all the time. so when we officialized the “collective” i handed the reigns over to baillie parker, and he ran the label up until now. running a record label is a thankless, stressful job, the hardest part is feeling responsible for the carreers of people you care about.