J-Zone - Gator$-N-Fur$

J-zone’s new monthly mixshow. June mix, July mix, zonesite.net, myspace.com/jzoneoldmaid

What up, and welcome to my monthly mixshow Gator$-N-Fur$. Now that I’ve stepped away from the mic to focus on production and DJing, its only right I kick it off with a lil monthly mixshow for fun. Goin back to my roots as a college DJ -where I got kicked off the air a few times for playing NWA’s “I’d Rather Fuck You”- was inevitable. Every show will have a different theme to keep shit fun, versatile and cohesive. Somehow, I’ll find a way to cram funk, miami bass, gangsta rap, golden age hiphop, St. Ides commercials, hip house, pop, soul, rock and new wave into my repitoire. Somehow… The theme of the first edition is the soundtrack to my life if it were a movie (and if I were famous enough to have my life made into a movie, haha). Influential songs, personal faves and background music for my life events…the songs that created the J-Zone we all love/hate. I even threw in a bonus for this first show. For those of you who wondered what a 16 year old J-Zone sounded like, I put my first hiphop demo I ever did in the mix (beats, rhymes and cuts by me) and I was straight trash! Y’all think I’m wack now? Ha. Fuck it, embarrassment ain’t shit new. I put the first record I ever produced (the Preacher Earl joint) on there too. Enjoy, and check the JUNE GATOR (thats the link to download).