Dr Walter Greason is vying for the development of Cultural Production Centers focusing on HipHop. Link (via)

“Hip hop – the only social force to create an equitable, participatory, democratic, and global system of politics and economics over the last three decades – will vanish into history under a fascist backlash, consume the soul of our generation with consumerism, or evolve to inspire greater intelligence, creativity, and faith among ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. The crossroads we face is no less than the choice about the direction of our species and our planet. This essay hopes to open a conversation about the tools of culture hip hop may provide for our uplift and empowerment.”

“Branson, Missouri, has established itself as the heart of a continuing artistic culture of folk and country music. Billions of dollars in economic development are generated from its commitment to the art forms every year. Similar prosperity can be achieved for the successful preservation of underground hip hop – maximizing artist control and profits as well as satisfying the audience’s desire for the hottest beats and wildest lyrics. In cities including Gary, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; Louisville, Kentucky; Oakland, California; Newark, New Jersey; and Savannah, Georgia, commercial property and raw land are available for the extensive redevelopment of entertainment centers preserving, promoting, and expanding global hip hop. Cultural production centers (CPCs) in each of these cities would cost very little money (perhaps under $5000) to open and operate, but would easily produce hundreds of millions of dollars in gross income.

Using the internet for distribution in conjunction with direct artist sales through concerts and appearances in larger cities (not to mention, a concrete infrastructure that includes global hip hop centers like London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Jakarta, Calcutta, Havana, and Tokyo) would provide enormous private earnings, tax benefits, employment, and health care to local residents. To bring this vision of a global, democratic, cooperative hip hop system to life, I pledge $100,000 over the next 10 years to construct and staff up to 50 CPCs around the world.”