Video Music Box

I was watching this past Saturday’s episode of Uncle Ralph’s Video Music Box, which is still rockin’ it on NYCTV by the way, and during one of the breaks in between videos, Ralph McDaniels took the time out to mention that he thinks someone might have stolen the classic Video Music Box microphone flag. What’s a mic flag you ask? It’s that decorative box that goes around the mic and presents the logo (couldn’t find a pic). If it turns out to be true, isn’t that a b*tch? That thing is iconic and probably belongs in some cultural museum. Ralph McDaniel’s seemed pretty vexed and bummed out about it so if you see some fool showing it off or something you might want to consider approaching for a discussion. You can visit the original HipHop VJ Ralph McDaniels on mysp*ce or check him out every Wednesday at the weekly Video Mix Party.

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