Good questions and even better answers by Rza of Wu-Tang Clan. Link

How do you view the skydive the industry seems to be taking at the moment?
It’s the rise and the fall. It peaked out and all great things fall. It gives a lot of other people a chance to get into the game and make music more for music’s sake and not for money’s sake.

Did you see this coming though?
Yeah, I mean everything went digital right? I said digital ten years ago homie so it’s like it’s funny and shit to me. At the same time it’s gonna get a chance to rise again but the people who is gonna make it rise has got to be different. It’s like the government, there is always gonna be a government. Man needs to be governed, but the people who is doing it is the fucked up thing. It ain’t the system, it’s the niggas who is holding the system. Society is gonna get like that regardless because niggas ain’t gonna go for it forever. Music business, movie business, government, anything that is going on after a while even the young people grow up like “you know what I ain’t with that shit no more.” It’s like people ain’t gonna keep falling for the devil’s trick.

Why do you think the last two albums weren’t received that well then?
I don’t know if they were received well or not. I think they wasn’t marketed well. The more mathematics we put into it, the less it sold. When niggas is like “yo shoot that nigga in the fucking head and there is brains everywhere,” it sold more. When we said “I’ma tie your asshole and keep feeding you,” it sold more. (laughs) It’s funny and shit. The more math a nigga put into it, the less a muthafucka was like “yo,” and the less the media is gonna promote it. How you gonna promote mathematics when mathematics is talking about the destruction against civilization? So I don’t think it was like that yo.