Toca @ Dragonfly Show (12-09-06)

Stream Not Too Many People by Toca

Despite the confusion behind how this album is getting pushed, the beauty of the music speaks for itself. Not Too Many People seems to be track 4 off the final track listing. Available for stream on Best place for factual news and updates is

Anyhow…I’m back in CT for a while and leave for California next month for a series of Toca shows. Toca supposedly comes out in late May. I’ve heard that there were some copies given out at South By Southwest – unfortunately these promos have a bullshit “bio” written on them stating that Toca was “formed and orchestrated by Xololanxinxo as he travelled the world searching for Latino musicians” – this is absolute trash…and it’s embarassing for all of us…we are not a Latin Boy band…and Xinxo did not form Toca…Toca was basically all members of Anonymous Inc. with Xinxo, Tommy V, and Danny Levin added to the project….anything else you read is a lie and please ignore it.