timeline (snapshot)

Kind of corny flash project focusing on hiphop with a nice fader timeline. Found this via El Guante’s blog. I mostly agree with his gripe about the misleading definition/interpretation of Spoken Word. Link

One thing i WOULD like to take issue with, however, is this:

“Hip hop poetry, called spoken word, is quickly becoming hip hop’s newest element. Spoken word is the creative, instinctual spirit of hip hop meant to relay knowledge creatively and emotionally through poems, lyrics or stories, usually without music.”

Where to begin? I guess first by saying that spoken word is not “hip hop poetry.” Spoken word is unbelievably diverse in terms of styles and deliveries, and a whole lot of it has nothing at all to do with hip hop. The National Poetry Slam had just as many old white women doing free-verse as it did young a capella rappers.