rjd2 premix

Download and premix this song. Rjd2 is providing the samples before the song is out. Link

hope you guys are good. here’s the deal behind this particular imeem thing we’ve got here…..

somebody brought up the idea of doing one of these remix things for a song, where you have all the parts of a song and you can move them around or whatever. these are cool, but where i always thought they failed was in the fact that all the parts would be broken down just as loops. this makes it hard to really get away from the basic vibe of the original song, for a few reasons. so i was thinking about how this could be improved upon, and realized there was an opportunity here…..

its not uncommon for hiphop cats deconstruct samples/drums/etc down to basically single note hits, and then program them however they want. doing this allows people to get closer to making exactly the kind of music they want, cause it demands more than moving or rearranging loops. when you dont have a loop, you have to pick a tempo to work at, unlike a loop. so i was thinking, what if you had a song you did with all these sounds broken down to single note hits, and you gave them out for people to do whatever they want with? i still saw one more problem here….

when you do these remix things, you also are working with the original song in the back of your head. cause youve already heard the song. the only way around this would be if the song hadnt been released yet…..

so this was the thought process i was going through, and realized….well, my records not out yet, and ive got a few songs that are already 90% broken down to hits/stabs. it seemed like a good opportunity to see what happens when you give people access to the sounds that made up a song, BEFORE they every heard the song. so, here it is. there’s another 6 or 7 weeks before the record is released. go nuts. make whatever you want with it. there should be space here to post up whatever beats you make out of the pack. enjoy. (1 WORD OF ADVICE-i highly suggest you NOT listen to any of the other beats before you pull down the pack and start working, if youre going to mess with the sounds. my test market got alot out of this when they did their track before listening to anybody elses).

(ps-if you find some little clicks in the sounds, this is either an artifact of converting the sounds from an mpc2000xl to wav files. i tested these on a small group, and a few folks had to truncate these clicks out, sorry).