HipHop War Report

Download first 10 episodes of HipHopWarReport featuring interviews with artists and activists such as Public Enemy, Mumia Abu Jamal and Davey D.

You have landed smack dab in the middle of WAR. The Hip Hop WAR Report was established to link like minds together across the WORLD. Our purpose is to promote Hip Hop artists who have something to say about the current affairs associated with our people. Unfortunatley, if you have something conscious to say, you wont get any airplay in todays payola infested hip hop community. Fortunately, we have rights! Rights that people have stood up and died for to make things like this possible. Salute! All political prisoners. SALUTE! We will keep you forever in mind and in our hearts. The War report also will provide great information to our people seeking the TRUTH. I urge you to download the podcast and subscribe to the message: The show is a weekly podcast geared toward Independent hip hop culture. The show has 4 main aspects. The first aspect is promoting good independent hip hop. The featured artist will be interviewed and discuss 2 songs from his/her current project. The second aspect of the “War Report” is promoting positive health, in which we offer practical alternatives to health and well being that are not commonly found in our mainstream information sources. We have a expert in this field of holistic medicine and natural remedies. The 3rd aspect is keeping the hip hop community informed with current political and social awareness. This segment will confront current political events and explain how it directly affects the community. We have a expert in this field as well and we’ve obtained interviews with Black Panther political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, and world renowned hip hop journalist Davey D. The final aspect of the Podcast is centered around ….”The DJ’s” We call this the mixtape section of the show. This section will showcase the hottest mixtape on the streets highlighting its corresponding DJ. We feel instead of complaining about the payola and the various parasites that flood our culture, its better to contribute something positive. Our contribution is “The Hip Hop War Report!” We look forward to hearing from you guys!Please email all of your comments and concerns to We currently have 3 Podcasts out. Check them out at Click on the podcast icon. The official site is set to launch soon. I will keep you posted.Thank you for your time.