Someone should really make fun of both of them. Hint, hint GB. Link

That is by no means just a sensationalist headline. Fader, the so called bastion of indie music culture and so called “Hip Hop magazine,” never ceases to amaze us with their increasing irrelevancy and utter lack of reality. Even co-founder Rob Stone has mastered the art of shoving two feet in his mouth at once. Case in point, this Newsweek article about the most unrespected MC to ever walk the planet:

Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer opened the country’s mind to the Wu Tang Clan,” Rob Stone, the cofounder and publisher of hip-hop’s Fader magazine, tells NEWSWEEK. “Radio had to start playing hip-hop records.”

Huh? Rob you sure about that? We now anxiously await the imminent release of the Cornerstone White Rapper mixtape featuring G-Child, quite possibly the only person in the world that not only agrees with the above quote, but also lives by it. Word to the Fader.