East Of Havana
directed by Jauretsi Saizarbitoria, Emilia Menocal
Sony / BMG

Seems like documentary/film East Of Havana will finally be released on a limited scale in the US. Originally premiered at SXSW last year, this film is set in Cuba and provides access to the rap movement there by following a few artists that have to struggle to perform freely. You can catch it at the IFC Center this Friday. This movie keeps on getting hype because of Charlize Theron’s contribution as co-producer. Good for them. Link


Calling themselves “El Cartel,” a trio of under-ground rappers in Cuba struggle to get their music heard while bypassing the official govern-ment-sanctioned music industry. Growing by word of mouth thanks to their electrifying perfor-mances, they put all of their energy into creating a music festival, even as government officials and Hurricane Charley close in. Full of their spirited music, which mixes loping beats with hot salsa horns, East of Havana is an inspiring reminder that the creative drive cannot be stopped. Cuba/USA. 82 min.