Charlie Ahearn , director behind grandgood-beloved documentary Mambo To HipHop, will be screening the short film, Bongo Barbershop, during the 2007 Urban Film Series. Link

Screening: Thursday, Feb. 8, 2007 – Jazz Poetry Fusion @ 6:00 p.m.
Credits: Directed by Charlie Ahearn.
Synopsis: DIRECTOR Charlie Ahearn collaborated with two different voices in hiphop; that of the old school, represented by the legendary Grandmaster Caz, one of hiphop’s founders, and that of a contemporary rapper from Tanzania who raps in Swahili. Ahearn’s vision is to create a live mini-musical: a fictionalized performance video showing a hiphop performer making a pilgrimage from Africa to New York, to discover the birthplace of hiphop. Ahearn sees hiphop culture as “radical abstract form, in terms of its percussion and style”, and his challenge as an artist to “represent these profound, complicated and advanced elements” visually, through his piece.
Buzz: The film will also be shown at the 5th Annual Hip-Hop Odyssey (“H2O”) International Film Festival. In 1982 Charlie Ahearn directed the hip hop classic movie Wild Style. Ahearn co-authored, Yes Yes Y’all, an oral history of the first decade of hip hop with many photos. Ahearn is currently teaching a class called “Hip Hop, Art and Design” at Pace University and recently directed Busy At The Beach 4 minutes 2006 with The Chief Rocker Busy Bee.