Now in the past you were known for working with DJ Premier who produced the classic album “The Sun Rises In The East”, so what was that experience like working with him?

We was just boys so it wasn’t like how you might think of Premier is not how I think of Premier. We’ve been hanging out six or seven years before that so it was never a thing were as I was like “Aw I’m so excited”, because that was my boy.

Yeah, because when a lot of rappers tell me their experience of working with Premier they talk like it was one of their best experiences.

Yeah, like I said it’s from a different perspective, Premier is definitely a legend, but he’s my boy first before anything. We was hanging out before we even did records together, we shared food. I was in the studio when Nas did “Illmatic”, him and Premier use to come to my crib in the projects and pick me up. It’s a different vibe, it’s like somebody who don’t know me…When your around somebody everyday it’s a little different, Premier is definitely a legend, he’s one of the greatest producers ever, but we was hanging out before that. That’s what created the vibe to create those records we did, that’s why the records me and Premier did nobody has really done those type of records. Yeah he can give them a beat and they can write some dope rhymes, but the vibe is gonna be different, because we knew each other. When you know somebody more or less, inside or out the way you are going to create is different.