That’s the title of Sage Francis’ new album due out in May. There aren’t many specifics as far as production credits but he does mention a Buck 65 produced track, which I would love to hear. Link

I have finished recording and mixing my new LP, “Human the Death Dance.”

As the album stands now it is 55 minutes long and although some people complained that A Healthy Distrust was too short (about 45 minutes in length.) I’m hearing some grumbles from Epitaph that the album might be too long. I want it to be something people can digest in one sitting. Not something you have to break up in 3 parts just to hear the whole thing. But I think 55 minutes is a good length. Perfect for an hour long road trip. heh. I don’t know. Shit is crazy right now. I’m trying to finalize the record so that I can get going on the artwork. There are a couple hold ups in the business world. meh. I’m proud of every song, I just want this album to work as a whole. It’s a good mix between dark and fun. Maybe too dark. I dunno. Maybe needs more light. We’re working on it still. If they think it’s too long I have to take a step back and consider the possibility. As it is, I am way too attached to these songs to have any a perspective I can trust at the moment. This was a problem I had with some previous releases as well. I need to just sit on it for a little while and make sure it is what it needs to be.

I’m trying to work out a 26 page booklet full of writing and sketches. This would include lyrics, stories and background info on all the songs. If there’s enough space I would like to include lyrics that didn’t make it onto the album. That way I won’t be sitting on a bunch of lyrics until the next album comes out. They haunt me. They yell at me in the back of my brain. “Hey…Hey…remember us?? We’ve been waiting here for 5 years you fucking slouch.”