I’ve heard of artists not being allowed across the border before. I’ve heard of performers not showing up at the last minute also. I’ve even heard of antsy crowds throwing stuff on stage. But I’ve never heard of this. Link (via)

P-Plus comes on and starts to do a DJ set. This goes on for almost an hour while DJ Scratch sets up Serato. The crowd starts to get more and more restless as each song is played. Booing starts to begin.

Then the unthinkable happens. Someone throws a bottle of Heineken onto the stage and hits DJ Scratch in the head, getting beer all over the decks, mixer and his laptop. Music stops and Scratch gets on the mic and literally says, “Fuck this shit” and walks off the stage with his laptop. 30 minutes goes by and no one knows if EPMD are even going to play. They finally agree to come out but they don’t have any songs because Scratch’s laptop is fucked. So P-Plus scrambles to see what EPMD instrumentals he has and they do three quick songs and bounce. Didn’t even say goodbye – just walked off stage.