Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods Interview

Interview, DVD

This month Mobb Deep will release the Life of the Infamous DVD, a companion piece to their eponymously titled audio best-of that was released on Halloween…So for FADER 41, we talked to Prodigy as well as behind-the-scenes Mobb players Matty C, Schott Free and Stretch Armstrong about the days of Hennessey and nosebones.

Fader: Was there something specific about New York at that time which helped create this?
Stretch Armstrong: I think Mobb Deep’s success has a lot to do with New York being the center of the world [then], and this kind of second age, this almost like, second golden age of Hip Hop. Cause around ’89, ’90, ’91, hip hop was just completely eating it, and then in the early 90s it started getting exciting again. I think that Mobb Deep was one of those groups that was really pushing it forward, and not just on the rapper tip but on the production tip.