TOCA (OCT 2006)


Danny, Tommy, David and myself started this “Toca Project” back during the summer of 2001 when David and Tommy took a bus from Oakland to LA to record songs with Danny (Xololanxinxo), 2mex and Busdriver…after our first collaboration we decided to do an entire record together…winter of 2001 – Danny and Tommy flew to CT where we recorded the first Toca sessions along with Patrick Nagel and Ernesto Mercado who were living in Brooklyn…years of home re-recording, writing new material, and collaborating with many great vocalists and musicians including Toca member and horn player extraordinaire Danny Levin culminated into the creation of 30 some odd tracks…In 2004 we were approached by Ted Chung (CNA, Dogghouse, Two Tone Elephants) to release a record…by March 2006 all contracts were finalized and we were signed to Ted’s start up label “Two Tone Elephants”…In early summer 2006 we did our final recordings along with the talents of keyboardist Max Heath and bassist Timbo Norton at Sounden Studios in San Clemente with engineers Colin Fairbairn and Mark Robinson…
after months of struggling with mixes and legalities…Colin and Toca [with some added help from Elvin (Nobody), Alfred (Daedelus) and Jeremy (Balanceman)] finally finished yesterday October 26, 2006…mastering at Bernie Grundman’s in Hollywood….
5 years after we started this project we’re happy to announce that in 2007 everybody will be able to hear what we’ve been dedicating a good portion of our lives to…
hope you enjoy it