Alright now….this is the last morose song I will be recording for my new album. Cereal. I wrote most of it while touring Europe with Anticon in 2003. Literally wrote it in a phone booth while completely lost in Rome during a black out. It was what they call “White Night” which is when all public transportation is free for the entire night…and establishments stay open. So people are out in droves all night long doing whatever they do out there. There was an insane rain shower that knocked out all of the electricity and phones….and I was by myself…and with no way of getting back to my hotel room. That’s the short version of the story.

The beat was created by NPF’s own Confoundit. He sent it to me when I had the open invite for beat makers to send me material. While I was in LA I had Jolie Holland sing some Italian phrases over the music. When I got to my studio in RI we rearranged it into a song where it has us bouncing vocals back and forth. I just finished this song today and it sounds incredible. The people I’ve shown it to so far have said it’s their favorite song of the album. I absolutely can’t share the recorded version until album time, but here are the lyrics.