dcreenshot of El-P production tracks for song from upcoming album - I'll Sleep When You're Dead

HipHop fans can only wonder what their music would sound like in a world with more practical copyright laws. In this post, El-P talks about having to re-record some music to try to match the original samples he had selected for a song from his upcoming album, I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. If you ever wondered why producers don’t sample drums anymore, it’s not because fruity loop drum kits are dope. Link

this is the last song on the record. being that i only pretend to be a musician, it was a pain in my ass to switch meters from 6/4 to 4/4 then back again repeatedly. the end of the song had 2 james brown samples that were the fucking shit, but i bowed to pressure and im gonna have them resung and changed up. fuckin sample laws. i swear to god when the first nuke is dropped in the middle east im immediately dropping an album that is produced with no regard for any sampling laws what so ever. every beat will have impeach the president drums, james brown screams, 16 bar philip glass loops and a verse from biggie grafted on the end of that bitch. you cant telll from the flick but this song has over 80 seperate tracks of music. for those who arent familiar, thats a pro tools file. pro tools isnt some magical cheating machine, it a digital recording and editing program.