Method Man always has something hilarious to say and this interview is no exception. Part One, Part Two

Has it been weird or different having an artist as your boss…
He ain’t my boss.

Jay’s the President of your record company. That doesn’t make him your boss?
Nah. I mean, Kevin Liles, when he was there, he wasn’t my boss. I mean, he’s the staff’s boss. He’s gotta make heads roll when the staff don’t step up and do they job, but what he gonna tell me? “Meth, get in the fuckin’ studio”?

Do you have much interaction with Jay?
Not really, but I love the shit outta Jay. He know it. That’s my dude. Y’all need to stop that bullshit, because he’s nobody’s boss except that staff. He’s the president of Def Jam, not the artists. We sorta like loners.

You don’t have a boss?
Hell no! I ain’t got no boss! I’m self-made, nigga! They don’t sign my muthafuckin’ check, they give me a loan for my services, which I have to pay back. Does that sound like I’m workin’ for somebody? Jay ain’t my boss, L.A. ain’t my boss, ain’t none of those muthafuckas my boss. I was there before Jay, L.A., and all them niggas any fuckin’ way. I got seniority.