Here’s a great post from Bumpy Knuckles in response to haters of his recent interview, specifically Freddie’s thoughts on Jay-Z. Interview, Comment

OK. Heres some real shit for all you blog heads who think I am some clown as nigga who just popped up on the set. 1st of all I am not speaking on JZ from a “Fans” point of view, I know that nigga better then any one of you groupie mutha fuckas. When I came up in the game with Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, etc. Jay was around us. I said in the interview for thos that can read, that he is extremely nice with his spit game, business, he is the shit. I spoke on him from a personal stand point. What I know. As far as me being broke, I’m far from that. I can’t see myself speaking finances with a ‘Fan” that’s not real. I expect you groupie ass dick riding niggaz to get emotional hoping one day to wear the rockafella chain, haha instead of doing it on ya own and weather you get radio or not still feeding your family and yourself off of your music. I do it every day. So don’t get it twisted new jacks, I am a emcee who spit the real for niggaz who were scared to spit the real. I have never worked for anyone but me. Undaground Hip Hop has been my floor. So for all you keypad killers, cyber Gangstas, I could never be a hater, I aint built for hate, but I will always be real, this is why I respect intelligent responses and not all that groupie reterick. So for the record, Jay keep spittin Ill lyric, getting Mad paper, and lose the snobby nigga attitude towards them niggaz we know. All the fans weather Jay z or Mines or any other rappers. Peace.