The Village Voice’s Tom Breihan discusses HipHop as a Superword, a term he borrows from some other writer. In this context, HipHop has a different meaning for different people and the various definitions are strongly defended, especially in New York. But it seems that the defending of the term somehow becomes a part of the definition. Whatever the hell that means. I’ve gone over the use and meaning of HipHop so many times without drawing any conclusions, it’s all futile to me now. And like us, Breihan prefers to just not use the word. Anyway, besides all that jazz about the true definition of HipHop, I thought it was funny how he calls out Dj Premier for his Aguilera collabo. Not to say that he knocks it, he actually looks forward to it. He just points out that it doesn’t exactly fit well with his anti-pop stance that he tends to bring up everytime he has a chance to speak. Could this actually mean that Premier’s definition of HipHop is more complex than most people would suspect? Link