Our friends from Female Fun Records sent us some information on a new project by Spencer Doran which was just released in Japan via Neoplex/Node Records/Female Fun. After listening to some quick snippets from Puzzles, this might be the most interesting instrumental project yet from Female Fun who in the past few years has released instrumental records by cats like Prince Paul, MF Doom, Dj Spinna, Geology, and I even heard about a Large Professor record that didn’t happen. snippets

Spencer and I have been cultivating numerous projects over the last few years, from California to New York City. He’s an incredibly talented producer/DJ, drummer and music theorist. A true artist in the purest sense of the word. And at the age of 21, he’s talent has only the potential to grow and evolve. Here is a very small taste (attached in this email) of the outtakes from our forthcoming instumental/compostion based album “Puzzles”. It consists of about 20 records used in about a minute and a half, most of which were re-tooled within the music of the “Puzzles” full-length, to be released on Female Fun Records sometime inthe future.
via press release – female fun records