Current TV, which I’m sure some of you have heard about by now, appears to be a great service for independent artists, or should I say independent content makers?. The channel isn’t so much for displaying art but for displaying content about art, or any other subject for that matter. The national television channel is more about public reporting than anything else. They basically collect their news content from their viewers and have an online voting system to see what gets broadcasted. So, lets say you have a short documentary you’ve been working on or maybe a 5 minute video montage/report on why HipHop shouldn’t be banned from public universities in Nevada, than head on over there and register for free to contribute and possibly get it beamed all over the US (I’ll vote for ya!). Oh, and if you’re wondering why there’s a doofy picture of Gore it’s because intially he was the new company’s biggest spokesperson and possibly helped to develop the concept (no time to check the facts, oh well). And VC2 is their trendy way of saying viewer created content., faq