I just wanted to post this exchange between Cormega (at least I think it’s him) and a member of his message board. I will let the posts do the talking because it’s pretty damn funny. Make sure you click to the next page also because the conversation continues on and on. On a side-note, check out our next audiocast for that dope Premo produced track that Mega mentions. I believe it’s off the upcoming album Urban Legend. And speaking of his album, I will be definitely looking forward to that collabo with Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Grand Puba, PMD and an unnamed special guest! Source, Link

Cormega: when Urban legend comes out half the rappers you kissin up to will be the first in line to study the other half will be in obscurity or making music that isnt as good as their earlier work and Imma be on this board giving you HELL for sleepin. Now go out there and go Trick a Treating i got things to do!
Cormega: NO IM paying HOMEAGE! By doing a song with Kane,KRS,Puba,PMD and someone else will be added this month! You bringing up old songs asking me to compare to my work compare the song I did with premo to any new song from the artist you are talking about. Oh yeah the Primo song isnt even my favorite joint on my album I have WAAAAAY better songs which means its a problem. But yo Im not really on this talk shit I will put my money where my mouth is lets bet I will put up $500 to your $100 dollars that my Album will be better than the people your sayin run circles around me. All you gotta put up is $100 if you win you win $500.
CT: bet even though how good an album is all personal opinions and shit ill put rass kass next shit against urban legend or “the” urban legend or whatever you gonna call it oh and i do take checks,food stamps,money orders,cod’s whatever b
Cormega: Thats your selection!??? I’ll tell you what Imma do, Imma let you have an additional pick this way I wont feel like Im cheating you out of your $100. So you have one more pick to include with your first one! I wish u could see my face right now Im smiling You inspired me to write some FIRE today.