Brief interview with Brooklyn’s own Tek and Steele from Smif-N-Wessun. Source, Link

HHDX: What advice do you give [up-and-coming kids in the game today]?
Steele: I tell them to read a book. Don’t rap! Do it for a hobby… nobody really comes into rap really wanna do it professionally. You discover a talent that you have and you have to work that talent. Meanwhile, while you working that talent, you have to feed yourself, your family and do whatever responsibilities you have to do. A lot of people take rap for granted and think that when you can get on, it’s easy to do it. It’s not easy. Cats that are at the top right now earned their spot. A lot of them earned their spot, a lot of them due to nepotism got their spot. But I tell them to read a book, go to school, do something different, and then if you still wanna rap, then do it. And if you do that, you gonna start from the bottom – you’re not gonna start from the middle, so be prepared for that.
Tek: Ain’t nothing coming over night except for death and some jail time. Master your art and craft and believe in yourself.