Nice interview with O.C. in which he speaks about the Heiro crew, touring with D.I.T.C. and a possible album collaboration with Pharoahe Monch. Source, Link

IHH: Looking back, do you have any regrets about not letting Diddy remix “Word…Life?”
O.C.: Nah, not at all.
IHH: How did he approach you about that?
O.C.: I actually approached him for management. He got back at me personally. Everybody know Diddy’s a control freak. So when he gave the call back that he wanted to manage me, the stipulation was that he had to remix the whole album I was like “No.” Right there I guess, you know how he get into his Bad Boy thing. I guess I was being a Bad Boy on my own but I wasn’t sittin in the way he was feeling like I should be doing. So I guess it was a bad start for him like “Oh he saying no to me? I don’t wanna manage him.”

IHH: What is your best record?
O.C.: I have favorites off each album that I’ve done. “Times Up” wasn’t my favorite. That was a choice that was made mutual between me and Serch. Serch felt like it was a record that needed to be heard. I didn’t feel like that was the right first single. He convinced me that we didn’t have to put it out as the first single. But I convinced myself like “aight I understand what you’re saying and I know what I’m saying on the record so I can deal with that.” It was an incomplete record, people don’t know… There’s only two verses and it wasn’t on purpose. It was two verses cause I couldn’t write a third verse to it.