Immortal Technique rants about a variety of issues such as the recent catastrophe in New Orleans and his opinion of President Bush.

We have always put corporate profits before the living standard of people in American foreign policy and now that echoes in our own nation. That is the very nature of Capitalism. But nothing in the form of corrputed Russian Communism offers a viable alternative, only an unmasked totalitarian rule without the details that we have and the choice between Pepsi and Coke. I’m not a Marxist, a Communist or an anarchist. I am just a Peruvian/Black muthafucka from Harlem but I could see this truth if I were blind.

Fighting the “idea of terrorism” is like boxing the waves the ocean sends at you at the beach. An idea cannot be killed, good or bad it has to be found at the root and explained, then and only then can we understand how to resolve issues.

That said, I don’t blame Bush for all this, he didn’t kill all those people personally. In the same method that Hitler didn’t kill all of the Jews…it took the complacency of the German people. It took generals, officers and soldiers in the SS, it took the Gestapo. It took people betraying each other. It took Europe and America doing nothing for 4 years while this was going on. It was an entire system that engineered a malicious purposeful chaos. Link