Some of you will relate to this. Musician/producer Tim Thompson discusses his recentlly released album “Forestdale: Tone Poems Inspired by Nature”, citing the pros and cons of making electronic music and the inspiration behind making an album dedicated to his local cemetary. full article

“The album was inspired by the peacefulness of that place. You just take five steps in there and you can’t hear the traffic,” said Thompson, a musician whose instrument is his synthesizer and computer.

Thompson is a pioneer in a growing trend known as desktop music publishing, a process of creating all music electronically and recording it digitally. The sounds are as close to the real instruments as possible, Thompson said, and his arrangements are easily confused for live orchestral recordings.

“The advantage is that the sound you can produce is unlimited. You can go as high as you can imagine,” Thompson said. “You get this wonderful, wonderful sound, but you have to do this electronically.”

He calls his disc, “Forestdale: Tone Poems Inspired by Nature.” The recordings can be pressed into a compact disc for easy distribution and replaying, but it cannot be performed live.

“One of the problems that electronic musicians have is that you can’t go on concert unless you are actually playing the music,” he said, adding that would mean he would have to set up his computer equipment and press “Play.”