Nice interview with Subtitle. Link (via asitablog)

What are your feelings about the evolution of Project Blowed affiliates and the whole west coast underground scene?
S: Mixed on a good day, not fit for print every other day but I’ll do my best to explain…When I first got into all of the music in the early 90’s, that stuff changed my life. I could finally relate to someone off the radio. Here were scores of emcees and producers who were from the ghetto (in most cases), either gangbanged or was very close to someone who did, or never did and were still around it–not talking about it! It was a refreshing idea that lasted for 7 years. Very few people who were on board with that whole manifesto then, still subscribe to the same beliefs.

What about a West Coast Workforce album?
S: I’m still on the fence about that one. Last year, the idea was presented to reform the group due to the “overwhelming” response of supporters abroad. We can’t even sit in the same room and work on a song. We can’t even decide on who is in the group! That will have to be a work in progress.