Great article about D.I.T.C. and the group’s origins and upbringings. Link

You get the joint, I get my publishing royalties. As producer, I get half what the artist gets on record sales. I own half of the song and there’s no contract with the label making me recoup. I don’t have to do promo tours, I don’t have to promote nothing; I did my job. Once I left that studio and mixed your song, my job is done. Move to the next joint. – Lord Finesse

None of us were on labels that really gave a fuck about us. None of us. Except maybe Joe, who was on Atlantic. – Diamond D

Most of us, Diamond, me, Show, Finesse, were new niggas coming on new labels that didn’t know shit. We were on Payday as the first artists they ever had. – A.G.

You can look at the individual rosters that each label had, from me being on Wild Pitch which had OC, Main Source, Chill Rob G, Gang Starr – and none of them blew up with independents. That’s what happened with Joe on Relativity, that happened to Diamond on Chemistry, that happened to Show on Payday – they had Jeru, they had Show and AG, Jay-Z passed through. Come on, they had OC! What can you blame it on? You can’t blame it on talent!! – Lord Finesse