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Frank: Tell me about your history with blunt smoking.

Dark: I always smoked blunts. I never smoked joints. I was like 13 when I first started. I’m 21 now. Like ’89 or some shit like that.

Frank: So you were smoking blunts ever since you started smoking weed?

Dark: Yeah. I roll Dutches. I don’t smoke Phillies. Dutch Masters, baby. But I ain’t goin’ promote them, ’cause they goin’ have to give me something for that. I’ll leave it at that.

Frank: So what is the difference between Dutches and other brands?

Dark: Dutch leaves burn way slower and taste natural. It lasts way longer. It goes out if you ain’t puffin’ it.

Frank: Yukmouth was sayin’ the difference between blunts and joints is whether you want to smoke by yourself or with a gang of niggaz. You think a blunt is the party way to go?

Dark: I don’t know, cause I smoke by myself all the time. Blunts is the shit right now, though, even though everybody be killin’ they brain cells.

Frank: What do you think about that?

Dark: Fuck it! The world is fucked up. You might as well smoke some, you know what I mean? Let all the world know we get high. Legalize weed, for real.

Frank: So what’s the difference between smoking weed through the cigar papers versus regular papers?

Dark: Joint papers be blowin’ away and shit. You in the wind, you roll in Harlem, Brooklyn, you know what I mean, comin’ through, the wind and joints be blowin’ away. So with the blunts you can keep it all together and you can just thump your ashes like BLAP!