Great interview with the legendary DJ Steve “Steinski” Stein featuring clips of his mixes. Here’s a brief introduction courtesy of MonkeyFunk:

Steve Stein was working with a large advertising agency in the early 80’s. Between briefs, he and fellow music-nut Doug DiFranco (Double Dee), spent many hours languishing around legendary NY hiphop club the Roxy, and buckling the counters of every record store with vast hauls.

When Tommy Boy launched an open-door remix contest in 1983, to promote G.L.O.B.E & Whizz Kid’s “Play that Beat (Mr.DJ)”, Stein & DiFranco hunkered down over a weekend, armed with little else but the song, a turntable, an eight track deck…and a fuck-off record collection, and an already huge, gleaned and lifted library of quotes, out-takes and samples.

The result, “Lessons 1 : The Payoff Mix” won the prize, and cut-ups were born. The record went crazy on the radio, and to this day has inspired kids to start plugging their parents VCR’s into a tape deck to lift choice dialogue and soundgrabs. Brainfreeze ? Ninjatune ? Skratch Piklz ? The Lessons series, and Steve’s subsequent work including “The Motorcade Sped On”, “it’s Up To You” and the Nothing to Fear” mix continue to cast a long shadow…

Link, via poplicks