Possibly ODB’s last interview. Which actually seems more like a short essay than an interview. The author’s insights are worthwhile. Link

Back then, it almost seemed like he wished his problem was drugs. But clearly there were other factors. It was reported in the New York Daily News that ODB was diagnosed schizophrenic at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center (MPC) when he was released from prison. For a while, according to RZA, he took court-mandated medications.

“He’s a true expresser,” said RZA. “He don’t give a fuck, and to our society that might be dysfunctional. It’s like that movie A Beautiful Mind. In a way that guy had an alternate reality, like most hip-hop artists, like ODB. You get this idea about life that is different from the average person. We create these worlds, and we get stuck in them.”

Source: googe alerts