Minnesota-bred rap group Oddjobs disband. Members, minus Bad Ronald’s Dj Deetalx, re-group into Kill the Vultures. Kill the Vultures LP out this spring through Jib Door/ Locust Music. They posted a new track and it sounds nothing like Oddjobs and better than anything I’ve heard from Oddjobs, which is OK with me being a big fan for years now. Here’s the Distance Song from their Absorbing Playtime EP (2000)…which works as an instrumental too. I know I just said they broke up but they appear to have an album coming out via Raptivism later this month.

[Link to Kill the Vultures interview – update 2.14.05]

After three years of continuously relocating themselves between different coasts and zip codes, embarking on multiple cross-country tours, and experimenting with diverse artistic philosophies and methods, former Oddjobs members, Anatomy (Stephen Lewis), Crescent Moon (Alexei Casselle), Nomi (Mario De Mira), and Advizer (Adam Waytz), have emerged as a new group, Kill The Vultures. Re-established in their original habitat of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, where Oddjobs formed in 1996, Kill The Vultures marks a new musical direction for the quartet, although it is one deeply rooted in underground hip-hop.Stripping themselves naked of past musical constraints and values, their self-titled debut, coming in late April on Jib Door/Locust Music, presents an organically and spontaneously formed collection of songs united by barebones pulp production provided by Anatomy, darkly comic lyrics from Nomi, Crescent Moon, and Advizer, and an overall urban noir sensibility. – Press Release killthevultures.com