Ernie Clark - By The Grace Of God I Am 7inch

What a beautiful instrumental, excavated by the good people over at Rehash. Check their 45 column for more unearthed goodies.

Clark, Ernie – By The Grace of God I Am M-Odd-1 197?45 rpm single

It’s been a long time coming with lot of wrong numbers called, wasted money on P.I’s, mad dead-ends and still no Ernie Clark. We couldn’t wait any longer for Ernie to respond to our ad in the local newspaper…it went something like this, “Looking for a dude named Ernie Clark that kicks a lot of ass and chews bubblegum and is now out of ass, er-um…ahem Bubblegum and was an old musician that cut a record on his own label and is awesome.” Suffice to say this didn’t really work all that well. Anyway, now you guys can peep a track we’ve kept to ourselves for a few years. We really like it and we hope you have the same sentiments about this tune. – Wilson