Lab Waste - Zwarte Achteground Album Cover

Zwarte Achtegrond – new album from Lab Waste is out now via Temporary Whatever records. Fragile real audio samples are available over at Access. Visit to see their video for Dope Beat.

Labwaste (subtitle/thavius beck) “Zwarte Achtegrond is the full length debut from L.A. sound scientists at large, Thavius Beck/Adlib and Subtitle/Giovanni Marks. It has a few songs (13+??) and some bonus remixes too. By Sixtoo of sebutones/ninja tune acclaim, Dntel of the Postal Service/Headset, Daedalus of The Weather and a bonus remix of Sixtoo’s remix by Thavius! Hooray, rap isn’t boring this month! Oh wait, doesn’t The Game have a new album coming out too? Damn, I spoke too soon…..” – pasted from elsewhere