What is it that some people have against Canibus? I can’t put my finger on it but in the past I’ve heard comments about him being nerdy, disrespecting royalty or trying to fake the funk when freestyling – even though it should have always been obvious he spits from memory. Sometimes I think people are (maybe were? is a better word since he seems to have lost most of his fan base) upset with him just because his debut album was such a disappointment. Even though I think his fugee-backed lp could have been better, I think over the years I’ve come to accept albums do not always represent an artists’ full potential. I rather listen to my old mixtapes with his freestyles than Can-I-Bus. And I still enjoy bumping the original version to Buckingham Palace and tracks he did with LB Fam every now and then. Anyway, I heard he just signed to Kay Slay’s new label and he also recently dropped a new mixtape titled The Vitruvian Man. Can he bus? You be the judge:

Back With Heat