Brad Hammers, the voice behind Phlegm, will soon be releasing “Cut-ups of a Paper Woman”, his new solo venture on his little-known record label “3 Sides of a Circle”. Hammers created much of the soundscape himself, taking up production duties on most tracks, save for one produced by former partner Solomoshun, two by label-mate Nobs, and one by Australian-band Just Like Us.

Slated to be released earlier this fall, the album faced a few setbacks, typical for independently run labels without major funds – where the artists bare the bulk of the gruntwork. However Hammers seems to be confident that the album will indeed be released within the following months, as he expects to receive his order from the pressing company within the next week. Keep up to date on this release and other 3 Sides of a Circle happening’s at their forum.

Cut-ups of a Paper Woman
1. one bedroom apt
2. mechanical … and stuck in a downpour
3. a. i play dead , b. return rewound
4. black & white
5. half world
6. a. sinking summer boat b. water drops and record pops
7. cliff notes
8. a. lookbehindu … and the pregnant way to carry an art textbook b. psychedelic scarecrows
9. footstep (a smile in script)
10. a pickpocketed memory clip b. hiking kit
11. arms made 4 hugs like wrenchmetal
12. hic-cup
13. a. loose brain thread b. from a hole in my dining room
14. one bedroom apt. (fully furnished)