He showcased his talents on the four-part Sick of series and teased everyone with some 12inches that would make you wanna bounce. Next up was his solo debut titled Personal Journals. After that was the long-awaited collaboration with fellow Non-Prophet Joey Beats, the result of which was called Hope. Now, everyone should get ready because one of the most respected MC’s in the game is back in the mix. Sage Francis has just finished recording his latest album entitled A Healthy Distrust. According to the man himself, expect a release date no later than February 2005 with a single to hit us as early as this November. Tentative track listing is as follows:

1) The Buzz Kill (prod. Reanimator)
2) Sea Lion (prod. Alias)
3) Gunz Yo (prod. Dangermouse)
4) Escape Artist (prod. Alias)
5) Product Placement (prod. Alias)
6) Voice Mail Bomb Threat (prod. Joey Beats)
7) Dance Monkey (prod. Daddy Kev)
8) Sun vs. Moon (prod. Reanimator)
9) Agony In Her Body (prod. Controller 7)
10) Crumble (prod. Sixtoo)
11) Ground Control (prod. Sixtoo)
12) Lie Detector Test (prod. Reanimator)
13) Bridle (prod. Varick Pyr)
14) Slown Down Gandhi (prod. Reanimator)
15) Jah Didn’t Kill Johnny (live band)

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