Queen Latifah and friends are contributing music to a compilation to help raise money for charity and help boost sales for Cover Girl.  Nothing wrong with a win-win set of circumstances, right? 

BEAUTIFUL inside and out. It sounds like one of those personal-ad clichés, up there with candlelight dinners and walks on the beach. But to Cover Girl, Procter & Gamble’s 43-year-old cosmetics line, it is a longtime mantra…..The cosmetics company has teamed with Atlantic Records to create its own record label, CG Vibes: Music That Gives Back. Some 20,000 copies of its first CD, a compilation of nine songs from popular artists like Queen Latifah – already a Cover Girl spokeswoman – Brandy and the Corrs, are scheduled to be in 700 Sam Goody and Media Play stores on July 20…..For now, Cover Girl plans to sell the CD’s through the end of December. Early next year, it will use the proceeds – and supplement them, if need be – to finance $10,000 grants to five young women in recognition of their community service……Marketing experts say they are not surprised that P.& G. is going all out. The company has for some time made it clear that it intends to move away from mass advertising in favor of narrowly targeted ads…..For Atlantic Records, a division of the Warner Music Group, interest in the partnership stems from a recognition of the difficulty of breaking through the clutter on radio and television, which are the traditional avenues for creating stars and selling albums. Company executives say they see the CG Vibes connection as a fresh way to promote their stable of performers, both as artists and as role models.

Alright I think that’s enough, don’t want to get sued or receive harsh emails or anything. Go to the nytimes article and read the whole thing if you’re interested.