Upcoming DMC/Technics US + World Battle Schedule

Oct. 21: 2020 DMC/Technics US Finals videos go live!
Oct. 28: DMC USA Top 3 Winners will be announced plus judges scores posted.
Oct. 28: DMC National Champions begin uploading their 2 min. World elimination routines.
Nov. 4: DMC World DJ Elimination videos go live at 4pm GMT
Nov.18: DMC World Elimination results will be announced.
Nov. 18: DMC World DJ Finalists can upload their 6 minute performance.
Nov. 25: 2020 DMC/Technics World DJ Final – LIVE STREAM at 4pm GMT
Nov 30: 2020 DMC/Technics World Champion will be announced!
December: DMC USA is planning the National Scratch + Battle for US Supremacy categories!

link (videos from all competitors)