I had first heard of Reanimator on the now-defunct Hip Hop Infinity website, sometime in 2003-2004. If memory serves me correctly, the “Music To Slit Wrists By” album was highlighted on their front page in the “Slept On” section. Not sure if that’s the exact term but you get the gist. I purchased the album, listened to it, and then proceeded to put it on replay for several weeks straight. It was THAT good, so much so that we made contact and decided to put the album out under the grandgood label. Shortly thereafter, Reanimator gained more and more traction, and eventually started making beats for Sage Francis and others. The rest is history.

In retrospect, I’d like to think that I played a small part in getting the Reanimator name out there, and his music heard. In any event, if you’ve never listened to this album, or any of his production, get on it. It’s just as compelling now as it was back then.