READ THIS!!!!! MCA DAY – 8.08.15 – Rob Gee and I were very excited about this and thankful we could take part in this tribute to The Beastie Boys. Many friends were curious to hear what we were going to play. The venue couldn’t handle the amount of people that “Turnt” up. The organizers of MCA DAY are AWESOME people. The staff? Awesome. The crowd A W E S O M E. The people who played? AWESOME. The stage manager was the only person who I was disappointed with. A lot of
people wanted to see Lords Of Brooklyn perform after DMC, and nobody cared about the schedule. The stage manager did nothing but complain. Ricky Powell’s dedication went 20 minutes over and instead of doing his job, he got rude with us, shoeing us off, going “Clear”…..WTF???? This event was not about Rob and I, but about a fallen soldier, MCA. So we threw in the towel. What would have happened actually did in New Jersey at a festival called FARMBLAST.
I wasn’t supposed to do the tribute there, but WOW, it was freaking insane. Rob did his “GEE-Isms” over these custom crafted creations and everyone loved it. It was a lot of fun. What the Soundcloud features are the “Unmixed” cuts which was created for the show. Minds would have melted in Brooklyn. Not that seeing DMC perform “Mary Mary” by himself was a problem, he was A W E S O M E too…..
It’s just that fading war stories from an open mic session vs. what we would have played… Well see for yourself.