Part 2 of a multipart series, Music To Board To: Surfing is a new mix to hit the beach with, froth, and generally have the best summer ever to. Compiled by Thes One and Double K of People Under The Stairs, this is a mix of our very favorite modern rock songs, tunes that keep us pumpin’ on the road and inspire us to keep going. If you dig what you hear, please support the artists on this comp by buying their music!!! ig: piecelock70

MTBT 2 – A Surfing Movie That Doesn’t Exist

1. King Krule Easy Easy
00:00 – 00:15 Black
00:15 fade in, credit role of surfers intermixed with flashes of random shots, synced to singing and guitar.
00:42 – 1:08 slow fade in of 240 fps barrel ride intercut with other full speed shots, tropical crystal green water fading back to black at 1:08, flash
1:09 – 1:34 240fps Airs – noa deane, jjf, Kelly slater, felipe Toledo, water droplets flying off fins, one person shown lifting off and then quick cuts to all surfers in the same positions in the air, all in slow motion as the extend up and out, cutting back and forth between the surfers
1:35 Title – flashes, on black, more cuts reg speed
2:01 Back to slow motion, deep rail carves on long running waves
2. Boxed In Foot Of The Hill
02:27 Entire cast, high performance surfing in exotic locations – rail work, airs, everything goes, nothing but progression.
3. Death Freakin Out
05:05 Groms, Kolohe showcase in different spots, Kanoa Igarashi at HB
4. Darwin Deez You Can’t Be My Girl
07:30 Showcase of girls that rip, Malia Manuel, Steph Gilmore, Sally Fitz, Johanne Defay, et al.
10:11 Girls charging heavy situations, p-pass, Puerto etc
5. Toro y Moi Cola
10:57 Super exotic locales, overhead helicopter and drone shots of reef breaks, intercut with deep slo mo rail surfing and tubes. Focus on locations, exotic, island and remote intercut with shots on land, travel etc.
6. Vetiver Backwards Slowly
14:04 Chris burkard shit, super cold locations such as the fjords, surfing in storms, ice, snow, etc. Man vs The Elements, east coast surfing in the winter, Alex Gray in Alaska – intercut with shots of guys suiting up, braving the elements. Focus on what we are willing to do as surfers for waves.
7. Dan Croll Only Ghost
17:37 Northern California focus – Surfing under the golden gate bridge, ocean beach, shots of barney at santa cruz,
18:29 Mavericks from air, shots of mavericks legends, shapers delivering guns etc. those that have died.
19:07 Huge Set wave at Mavericks in slow motion, man paddling in making drop
19:32 More maveicks shots
19:59 Cortez Bank shots
20:26 JJF footage as a kid
8. Wavves King Of The Beach
20:39 JJF Super mega highlight reel starting from earliest age photage, semi chronological showing how he attained status as king of the beach
22:12 Competition footage – rodeo flip in brazil, nines during 2014 trestles comp etc.
9. Foreign/National Paris
23:16 Travel sequence exposing new waves and first time rides, no locations listed
10. Los Joao Vamos A La Playa
27:04 Todos Santos’ greatest waves plus mex chargers. Homeboy on the skimboard
11. Gang of Four Natural’s Not In It
28:47 Skateboarding section featuring local ripper Hayden Estrada and the Westernworld crew
12. Galkin Out To Lunch
31:28 Jamie O’Brien on soft tops paddling Jaws, other ridiculousness intersected
13. Hippocampus Suicide Saturday
35:41 Slow motion shots of The Right, Taj Burrows, Mark Mathews, etc.
14. Vetiver Current Carry
39:11 Kelly Slater retrospective