“The School System is a conglomerate of highly specialized emcees who hold the torch to carry on the original canons of Hip Hop. The “Mystery School” album showcase the emcees who contributed to the School System’s debut release, L.B. Select, #Rapgod, Izrell & Shark Sinatra. L.B. Select has been rhyming on the bay area underground scene for some time now. He is one of Oakland’s best kept secret. His unique rhyme style and slick delivery places L.B. in a league of his own. Straight from Oakland California #Rapgod has been the representative of elite lyricism for over a decade. Representing Hieroglyphics Crew #Rapgod plays the anchor for the Mystery School album. Izrell’s obscure rap style; one which is vocalized by a distinct vocal tone that is audibly conspicuous, is the most unique of the bunch. His voice is one to remember and his style is second to none. Shark Sinatra bats clean up on this School System debut album adding the west coast street angle with a bizarro cameo appearance.

This is hip hop at it’s finest. The School System’s debut release, “Mystery School” will be considered a classic. ”

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