In this interview Self-Jupiter recalls and traces the steps that led to this very place. We discuss such things as:

-His impressively diverse list of inspirations/influences and the importance of listening to KDAY and Rock radio

-His roots in Tennessee and his Dad being a jazz musician who played with Duke Ellington

-Find some early influence from the MC Aces

-The important role J Sumbi played in Freestyle Fellowship coming together

-The difference of Indie and Major Label Deals, including the job of an A&R.

-The origin of his rhyme technique and the fine points of his writing style a.k.a a “Method To The Maddness”, which includes a mixture of drama, theater, narratives, shock value and reading a lot of books…

“The Kleenrz” releases July 31st and features vocal appearances from Abstract Rude, Volume 12, Murs, NoCanDo, Alpha MC, Subtitle, DJ Prolifix, Gajah, Shingo02 and Franny Franklin!