Troy L Smith shares audio from two different Johnny Wa & Rayvon parties and wonders how history as we know it might have been different had Rayvon been present the night Kool Moe Dee went at Busy Bee.

LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE- To all those Busy Bee, Kool Moe Dee battle fans, that believe their was more then one battle between the two, you were right! It was two, the first was the legendary battle, which was Christmas Eve, and Moe dee blazed the show. Also from word of mouth it was said that Busy Bee felt he was set up so it was done again, plus Harlem World milked it. But this time the battle was on New Years Eve. Only the Technicians for that night could not get the tape deck to work at the right time, so it was never recorded. Lucky for us the show that second night was no were near as good as the first show they did.

But now bust this; imagine if Rayvon would have showed up that first night of the battle. Him and Johnny Wa would of gave Moe Dee and L.A. a run for there money. Don’t know what I am talking about? Then listen to tape number 76 with Johnny WA and Rayvon they killed it. Never heard of them, they are of the Magnificent 7 of Harlem. You say who are they? The members were Ray and Wa as you know, as well as D.J. Tastic, D.J. Spivey, Shoeshine, D.J. Cookie And E-Man. Yes ladies and gentlemen who always wondered who he was, E-man (Who was named by his man Chu Chu from the Bx.) was mostly just a respected homeboy and m.c. who happened to be kool with them and help put the equipment together, as well as m.c., break dance and tag graffiti. Grand Master Caz told me, him and JDL often battled Ray and Wa, and said they were some talented brothers

Also, spotted another post by historian Mike Barnes who remembers Johnny Wa & Rayvon:

Johnny Wa and Rayvon used to show up at hiphop throwdowns at Harlem World(116thst and Lenox ave)with money falling out of their pockets, While, Cats(Hiphop crews), Were getting $500 a show, To split 4 and 5 ways

My man/LOL, Rob, Johnny Wa and Rayvon were not on the same level as Po, Rich Porter, AZ, Freddie Myers, Fritz(Rip), Kevin Chiles(Founder of Don Diva magazine, During the 2000’s), Etc, But, Johnny Wa and Rayvon put in work on the drug Circuit uptown/Harlem

During the early to mid 80’s, Before, Rayvon was popped for Drug trafficking in 1981, Rob, Johnny Wa, Was one of the cats in the 1981 Rapper’s Convention battle at Harlem World(Which is called, ‘Kool Moe Dee vs Busy Bee battle/LOL), Infact, Rayvon was scheduled to rhyme with Johnny Wa that night on December 25th,1981(Christmas night), But, Rayvon was upnorth on those drug charges, Rob, Johnny Wa and Rayvon would have given Moe a very hard time, That night at Harlem world in 1981, My man Johnny Wa was very nice, Lyrically, Along with Johnny Wa, Having a very nice singing voice too

While, Rayvon was one of the most underrated MC’s of alltime too me, Rob, Rayvon was mad talented lyrically, But, Rayvon was not driven to come off on the hiphop circuit(Because of Johnny Wa and Rayvon’s very lucrative drug trade, Movin weight uptown/Harlem/LOL), Rob, Junbug(Rip), Who used to mix for Hollywood at 371 in the Bronx,